The Ourika Valley

Mainly populated by Berbers, the valley gradually engulfed in the Moroccan High Atlas. Its proximity to Marrakech (just 30 kilometers) makes it a preferred destination for a day trip or longer, combining discovery of a spectacular nature and a traditional mountain lifestyle.
Despite its proximity to Marrakech, this beautiful green valley is certainly one of the most unspoilt valleys in Morocco.
The road slowly climbing the slopes of the Atlas, along the river of Ourika to the village of Tnine, animated especially the day Monday of its market. Continuing his journey along the valley, one is struck by the banks of the Oued whose peerages are generously shaded by poplars and other weeping willows, little usual at this latitude. The multicolored landscape blends perfectly with ocher of the earth and the surrounding greenery. The multitude of restaurants installed along the water appeals to visitors looking for a little freshness. The air is clean, but much cooler (10 to 15 degrees cooler).
At kilometer 68 is Setti Fatma, where the road ends. Then begins the ascent to the peaks of the Atlas hiking through the varying difficulty levels. The more accessible but no less rich, is undoubtedly the discovery of the Seven waterfalls. The arrival at the top takes about two hours, and offers stunning views of the valley and the village.
The more experienced will choose the ascent of Mount Toubkal, which rises to an altitude of 4165 meters, where they can marvel at the famous rock engravings of Mount Yaghour.